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Exten's Brass Tire Valve Nut Splitter
Application Instructions

Brass Tire Valve Nut Splitter
Patent Pending
  • Remove tire valve cap.
  • Slide the Nut Splitter down the tire valve; if necessary, use the tool to straighten the tire valve.
  • Hold firmly and hit the flat end of the Nut Splitter several times with a large hammer.
To Remove the Tool
  • With a 3/4" diameter tool, pull up on the tool to remove it from the valve stem.
  • With the 5/8" diameter tool, drop the tool with the valve through the hole and remove the old valve stem.
Wear Safety goggles
(user and bystanders)
Flying particles can cause injury

The Brass Tire Valve Nut Splitter comes in several different sizes
for various rim designs and sizes. Click on underlined part number for picture.
3/4" Diameter Nut Splitter
5/8" Diameter Nut Splitter

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